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Das Food

DAS Food Industries was established in 2020, it is a subsidiary of KHOSHNAW Company for commercial investments.

Khoshnaw company was the first to provide food security in Kurdistan region and Iraq by establishing a wheat marketing project in Erbil city in the year of 2020. The project is building a silo with the capacity of (200,000) tons worth of storage at first stage with the intention of expansion in the future. Also, 13 factory supplements produce wheat products like flour, bulgur, groats, noodles, biscuits, cereal, and other wheat products with the capability of producing 3000 tons daily. This ambitious project is absolutely vital for the agricultural industry’s growth in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq, and hence the farmers benefit immensely, it also provides employment for the younger generation. The company’s main goal is to restore the most substantial local capital that was sent abroad up to now in an effort to revitalize the local economy through high-quality local goods

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A leading producer of food products in both Kurdistan and Iraq.
DAS Food Industries, a prominent food production enterprise in the Kurdistan region and Iraq at large, was established in 2020 as a subsidiary of Khoshnaw Company for Commercial Investments. With a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation, it has established a solid reputation for excellence within the food industry.
A leading producer of food products in both Kurdistan and Iraq.