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Formed in 1999 by JT Group's acquisition of R.J. Reynolds' non-US operations, we've had two decades of growth driven by our global team.

Since 2010, Mr. Ghafoor Majeed Khoshnaw, the owner of Khoshnaw Company has become the exclusive distributor of JTI Donskoy Tabak cigarettes. Donskoy Tabak is one of the most prominent tobacco companies in Russia, established in 1857. In 2018, JTI acquired Donskoy Tabak companies to reinforce its No. 1 position in Russia, the third largest tobacco market in the world. After this deal, such well-known brands as Donskoy Tabak, Richmond, Play, continent, Senator, and others entered JTI brands' portfolio and strengthened their market leadership. The company's main objective is to have steady business development and satisfy the demand for tobacco products throughout Iraq.

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WHO IS JTI? JTI is short for Japan Tobacco International. We are the international tobacco and vaping division of Japan Tobacco Inc, a leading tobacco company in Japan. We make some of the world's best-known brands, including Winston, Mevius, Camel, and LD.