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Runaki Hawler

Ronaki International School-Erbil (RISE) offers students American and International educational traditions and the benefits of access to the rich culture and the benefits of Kurdistan and Iraq.

Since 2015, Ronaki Hawler Education company has become a vital part of Khoshnaw Company for commercial investment which began its educational activities in 1994. Ronaki Hawler schools consist of one kindergarten, six primary schools, and three high schools, with nearly 5000 students. The Oxford Quality Program is applied in Ronaki Hawler schools. Our graduates can speak four different languages (Kurdish, English, Arabic, and Turkish). All classrooms are fully equipped with technological devices and project-based education is offered in these classes. Various activity resources are provided in the schools, such as libraries, sports facilities, game rooms, learning centers, multimedia rooms, and conference rooms.

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School Profile
Ronaki International School is a renowned institution that is part of the Ronaki Hawler Education Company, which has a long history of successfully managing private schools in Iraq. The company has been in operation for over 25 years, starting with Ishik College in Erbil in 1994. Now, it has a total of 7 campuses, 1 Kindergarten, 3 Primary Schools, 3 Secondary Schools, 3 High Schools, and an international school - RISE. They provide education to around 4000 students. Ronaki Hawler Education Company's schools are known in Kurdistan for the recognition and achievements they achieve in both national and international competitions. They have a track record of helping students prepare for university entrance exams and secure spots in top programs. Its graduates are proficient in four languages (Kurdish, English, Arabic, and Turkish), and its schools in Erbil are fully equipped with the latest technology and offer project-based education in all classrooms. The Board of Directors of the Ronaki Hawler Education Company has invested in an internationally accredited school (RISE) in Erbil to further the growth of the company and provide the opportunity for international students to study in our schools, as well as preparing Iraq citizens for both local and international universities.
School Profile